Our School year programs follow a three-year cycle, allowing children to choose ASAP-HOSO as a regular enrichment activity each fall, winter and spring, without repetition, from ages four to twelve.

The ASAP-HOSO Summer Programs are a perfect fit for summer camps and other summer enrichment activities. We offer programs for children entering kindergarten and first grade, second and third grade or fourth through sixth grade.

MathSpark, was developed by ASAP-HOSO under a grant from the National Science Foundation. It provides the components of the ASAP-HOSO programs in an early childhood mathematical readiness program.

Activity Guides- We provide adults with a step-by-step, yet adaptable, guide to the activities children will explore in each program. Each lesson includes questions to encourage further exploration during and after class.

Material Kits- In addition to the comprehensive activity guide, each ASAP-HOSO Program includes an accompanying kit of materials. ASAP-HOSO kits feature materials that provide children with hands-on experience with the concept under exploration.

Training- ASAP-HOSO coordinators train adults with a variety of experience to lead small groups of children in a relaxed, inquiry-based environment.


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